Polish club playing in fourth division has sold 10 000 season tickets and the number is still increasing every day

RTS Widzew Łódź four-time Polish championship winner, UEFA Champions League 1996-97 group stage participant, the European Cup 1982-83 semifinalist. In their greatest times, Widzew were a tough opponent for top European clubs like Juventus FC, Liverpool FC or both well known teams from Manchester being able to eliminate all mentioned above from the European cups. It is also a club in which a legendary Polish player, Zbigniew Boniek, has started his great career.

Today Widzew is not very often mentioned in mainstream media as the club went bankrupt in 2015. 
Since that moment, Widzew started their long way of coming back to the top which started in Polish Fifth Division. The enormous engagement of the club fans in the process of reconstruction gives hope that soon you will hear about Widzew again.

- Widzew has always been famous because of the huge amount of fans, which is the effect of successes achieved in 80s and 90s, when the team competed not only at the highest domestic level but also internationally – said Przemysław Klementowski, the Vice-chairman of Widzew’s Managerial Board. - Now, when the club is struggling, fans have their way to repay for emotions they experienced years ago.

The strong belief in a comeback is connected with the newly built stadium, which construction has been started by the City of Łódź just before the fall of the club. Today with a stadium having capacity of 18 000 seats ready, three weeks before the start of second part of the season planned for 11th March, Widzew sold already 10 000 season tickets. Comparing to the record of Parma Calcio who has come across the same situation, i.e. relegation to Serie D in 2015, which is 9000 season tickets sold or number of such tickets sold by top Polish clubs that is an incredible result. 

It is important to mention, that the prices of the season tickets for Widzew's games do not differ from the ones being sold by clubs playing in Polish Top League - Ekstraklasa (30-70 EUR for a round excluding VIP tickets that cost 500-600 EUR).

Another club phenomenon are so-called funded season tickets - Widzew fans bought nearly 1000 of them. The idea behind those is similar to the Italian tradition named caffè sospeso (suspended coffee), which means that someone is paying for a season ticket and then the club (in cooperation with the fan associations) will distribute those to youth and children in order to bring them up as regular fans. This simple gesture shows a responsibility of Widzew as some of the tickets will be presented to those who are not able to afford ones by themselves. 

Although, you will probably not hear about Widzew at the international level in next few years, be aware, that in a world of football being dominated more and more by money, miracle like 10 000 people waiting to watch their team playing in fourth division, is still possible to happen. 

Widzew is a club that has been always writing history by exceptional achievements. The recent events only confirm that – despite various issues, optimism is spreading. That is the real value of the brand that cannot be converted to money.

We invite everyone to support the club in its come-back to the place, where Widzew belongs – https://www.facebook.com/widzew

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